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The Napa Valley Triathlon Club
Club Photo Album
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On this page we'll include pictures of events, people, and things that relate to our club.  E-mail me your photos and I'll throw them up here.  Nudity increases chances of publication (except for Greg). 


Here's Rick after the Alalea Festival Tri 2002.  Pretty sweet FATS jersey, eh?  

Here's Greg after he just set a PR for the 10K (under 56 seconds).


Rich Sudder at his first marathon.  NYC in Nov 01.  Rich is the fellow in black who suspiciously appears to have been digitally added to the photo.


Ahhh, beautiful San Francisco, site of the last NVTC reunion.  Bay-to-Breakers 2002.

Rick and Erin before laying down 12K PRs at Bay to Breakers 2002


Weiss, the Aquaman in Sept 02
A couple of shots of Greg getting an In'l Distance PR


A photo of Rick climbing coconut trees in Key West.  Climbing coconut trees is his sole means of training for his next race. 


Greg, Scott Mabry (who will be a member as soon as he does a tri with us) and a woman who may or may not be Jodi.  Who, if she isn't Jodi, may or may not be in for an ass kicking at the hands of Jodi.  I've forgotten at which race this photo was taken. 

Rick and Rich Sudder at the Hi Tek Adventure Race in Pittsburgh