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The Napa Valley Triathlon Club
Recent and Upcoming Events
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On this page we'll present a summary of past events and a calendar of upcoming activities.

Recent Events

Rick, as suspected, got his ass handed to him at the Duke 1/2 IM in Durham, NC.  Nevertheless, he still got a PR of 6:26.18.  A run of 2:10 made the difference. 
Rick drank too much wine the night before, and as is tradition at least once a season, did not make it to the Wilmington Triathlon. 
Greg recently smoked a new PR of 2:53 at in international distance race.  Like all of Grag's races, this was "wind-aided" if you get my drift.   

A barbecue party; Size=240 pixels wide

A picture of the whole NVTC group at our annual BBQ. 

Upcoming Events

Greg is on pace for a new PR (no pressure) at a 1/2 IM in October.  Of course, he will probably still get his ass handed to him.
Unfortunately, all of the NVTC members who are capable of finishing a 1/2 IM and not get their asses handed to them have been sent overseas (no doubt the work of rival tri clubs).  Kyle and Lance, please come home soon.     
Rick and Erin will wrap up the tri season at the Pinehurst International Distance Tri in NC.  It will be the first Int'l race for each.  They will be wandering the streets of Southern Pines drunk on red wine thereafter.