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The Napa Valley Triathlon Club
Meeting Minutes
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Here is where we'll post the agendas and minutes from club meetings. 

Agenda for Next Meeting

1. Minutes (No, not the time. The things we did at the last meeting)

2. Recital of 82d Airborne Division song. [To accompany chugging contest]

3. Committee Report on latest developments in the all-important REFRAD discussion.

4. Update on negotiations to get Up Your Gas! sponsorship for the club.

5. Feasibility report on establishment of BARBRI scholarship for Jodi for all the bar exams she's had to take.

6. Collection to cover damages incurred during last meeting.

7. Vote to determine if bail proceeds should be reimbursed to last meeting participants.







Here we might include a list of links to previous meeting minutes, perhaps with a list of the agenda items covered in each.

In this area, we might mention the date of the next meeting.